Alternative to traditional lighting switches for a hallway

This is one of the two entrance halls at my home. Until now, there was only one light that could be turned on/off when accessing from the front door (you can see the wall-lamp in the back, the cable was out and was just connected to a switch). The problem was that this hall has access from 4 different places: the stairs, the main front door, the living room (where I am taking the picture) and from another room located to my right. So every time someone passed by, they had to walk all the way to the only point where the light could be turned on, and the same when switching it off. It just didn’t make any sense.

So it was about time to solve this problem.


The most common thing to do would have been installing switches in four different places, but I was not happy about this solution as that would have involved fixing the plaster of the walls and the part that was fixed would have been easily seen.


Install 4 wireless light switches in every access. It would have been a bit costly, but easy-peasy.


Rasmus from Perdersen Installation is an expert and authorized electrician in Denmark, and he suggested that a motion sensor would be a great option for this space. It’s not as expensive as buying 4 wireless switches, it’s easy to install and it’s much more comfortable, aside of the fact that you don’t have to remember switching the lights off. This is why I love talking to professionals.

We’ve decided to go with LED recessed downlights as they generate a visual design environment, add brightness and freshness and they are energy efficient. 💡

As it can be seen in the picture, the sensor is going to be installed in the middle so it can easily sense any movement coming from any direction.