Before & After: Laundry room

It’s no secret that having an appropriate organised space increases your quality life, and having a room to properly deal with the laundry makes this task automatically become easier.

Girl scratching wallpaper off the wall in an old house with a protection jumpsuit
demo day, demolishing room for renovation, renovating laundry room before and after

The main thing I had in mind when designing this room was FUNCTIONALITY: ⠀

1. Having a type of ceiling and flooring that could handle humidity⠀

2. Having enough countertop space to comfortably fold clothes⠀

3. Having a sink to hand-wash items that cannot go inside the washing machine ⠀

4. Having plenty of storage space: A place to keep cleaning products, extra sheets, extra towels, vacuum cleaner, brushes, mop stick, clotheshorse, iron and ironing board, dirty laundry (organised by colours - 30° 40° 60° -, underwear, towels + sheets, and cleaning cloths), a pets section with their food/veterinarian documents/toys… etc etc.

As for the aesthetics part, I designed a neutral interior that would go in harmony with the rest of the house, focusing on the architecture of the building.

Final design

See you next Wednesday!