Before & After: Extreme home office transformation

Wednesday's blog comes one day earlier this week. Today I am very excited to be sharing one of the biggest transformations from The Old School - my home office!

The whole room has basically been demolished, leaving only the two windows in place.

We have put new insulation (underfloor and ceiling), underfloor heating, new flooring and skirting board, new electricity, troldtekt acoustic panels for the ceiling and plastered and painted the walls.

It has been a coincidence that I have found such pictures and videos of the process, since in the beginning I didn’t take that many pictures because I didn’t think I would ever want to see or share the room in such condition!

So one thing I have learned is to document every single progress, even though it’s not gonna be shared, it’s always nice to be able to go down memory lane and see all the work that has been done (cause I can tell you, my memory had forgotten about how bad it once looked).

Hope you enjoy the video!