Why you should do Home Staging before selling your home

Did you know that 90% of the buying decisions are made emotionally?

Most people have trouble visualising themselves in a new property when it’s empty or with oddly arranged furniture that’s not their style.

Home Staging is a technique developed to help owners sell or rent their properties faster and at the highest possible price.

How does it work:

First of all, the home stager finds out the reasons why a home might not get sold and work towards minimising its weaknesses as well as highlight the strengths, using sensory techniques and improving the property's appearance by professionally furnishing it and styling it in a strategic way. By doing so, they create the love at first sight effect; a special connection between the home and the potential buyers, making it possible to captivate them and envision themselves living there.​

Example of Home Staging I did from 2019:

Before this bathroom was dark and outdated, now it looks welcoming, bright, contemporary and ready to be used. All of it has been achieved without renovation and in a very tight budget.

According to the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland (2020), 75% of property professionals surveyed confirm that Home Staging increased the offer value.


Normally, the Home Staging process would go like this:


Initial meeting taking place at your property to analyse the space.


You'll receive a written pricing proposal with a custom home staging plan. Once agreed, both parties meet to sign a contract and they will be ready to start!


The home stager company takes over the place to start fixing, painting, deep cleaning, furnishing, decorating...


Quality photos are taken by (usually) the Real Estate's professional photographer to showcase your new space online and start getting visits.


Congratulations! Once your property is sold, the home staging company is ready to remove their items.

Overall, staged homes spend less time on the market than non-staged homes and sell higher or closest to the asking price.