How to reduce echo in a room

All the hard surfaces in a room such as glass, tiles, stones and hardwood, bounce the sound wave on the way to our ears. On the contrary, soft surfaces such as carpets and furniture made with soft fabrics absorb the sound wave and no echo is created.

High ceilings and spacious rooms can often lead to echo problems, but this is an issue that can easily be solved by adding absorptive materials to your walls, ceiling and/or floor.

Here are a few different ways to improve the acoustics in a room:


If you have tiles or hardwood, it is a good idea to cover part of the floor with a carpet or rug that fit the style of the room. It will not only bring softness to your feet and protect the wood floor from possible stains and scratches, but it will also help absorb the echo.


A very simple and effective solution is to cover the windows with drapes or thick curtains. Nowadays you can even find soundproof curtains, which are more successful at absorbing the noise than regular ones.

Another very effective solution is to add acoustic panels. These are specifically created to absorb noise, and while you can find them in several shapes and patterns, the wood slatwall design is my favourite. You can mount it on doors, walls, ceilings and even furniture, and you do not need to be a professional since it is a very easy DIY project.

Headboard made with acoustic wood panels (Picture from


Aside from the wooden acoustic panels that I've just mentioned, Troldtekt panels have excellent sound absorbing properties. "The material has a natural resilience and can handle moist environments" -( therefore I personally decided to use it as a ceiling in my laundry room and I am very pleased with it.

- As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you will have 25% of the room covered with sound absorption materials for good acoustics.

- Remember that the more furniture made with soft fabric like sofas, armchairs and items like cushions and blankets, the less sound bounces around it.

- And have in mind that depending of how much echo you have, you might need to implement more than one option to eliminate the issue.

Hope this was useful.

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