Launching the E-Design package!

Today the E-Design service has officially launched on! 🎉

This E-Design is perfect for you if you’re looking to improve the layout, aesthetics and/or functionality of a room, have a tight budget and want to execute the custom design plan yourself.

The E-Design at Plan A Interiors comes as a package, which means that it is priced on a flat fee model, making it approachable to everyone✌🏼


– STEP 1 - The Brief: In the first stage of your design project, I will get to know your needs, your preferences and your wishes. You will send me pictures of the room, measurements, and will fill out a questionnaire with all the information I need to make your dream space become a reality. ​ – STEP 2 - The Concept: Based on your brief, I will send you a mood board for you to review. The purpose of this stage is to show you my design intention by visually transmitting an idea of the style/textures/colours for your room. – STEP 3 - The Presentation: After your mood board approval, you'll receive a customized e-book with your complete design plan. This will include a presentation page where you can see how all furnishings look together, a furniture floor plan with suggestions of where all furnishings should be placed, and a complete shopping list adapted to your budget and location, with links to directly purchase every item.

Feel free to send me an e-mail at if you have any further questions.